* This is a wonderful collection of short stories that will make you laugh, cry, and reflect on life's challenges. About half of the book is based on the author's childhood  and   adolescence, touching on the joys and tribulations that shaped his life, including being from a family where money was a constant challenge, enduring the dreaded    "picking of sides" in schoolyard games, and developing the can-do attitude used by the author throughout his life. The writing style is engaging with moments of humor    and poignancy, and I finished the book in one setting. Adult readers will enjoy this as well as young adult readers who will likely find story scenarios that also resonate  for them. ~Judith (Review for "We Really Need To Laugh")

* I got this for my son for Christmas. Before I wrapped it, I read it cover to cover in one sitting. An enjoyable read with some deep thoughts. Oh, my son really enjoyed it  too! ~Susan T. (Review for "We Really Need To Laugh")

* I enjoyed each story looking forward to the next one that followed! ~Kellie (Review for "2 Wheels - 2 States - 2 Years: Kruser's Point of View")

* This is a small book and easy to read. Alec Gould recounts some of the events that have happened to him during his life and some the 'joys' of growing old. Some are  funny, some aren't so funny but either way many were so familiar to me. We grew up around the same time (I was born in 1945) and lots of the things he writes about  brought back memories of my childhood. This book will appeal to people more or less around our generation. Young readers might now know what he was talking about  at times but probably would enjoy reading about how things used to be. Things have certainly changed over the years. A fun read for those of us who remember 'the good  old days' and those who wonder what was so good about it? ~Sue (Review for "We Really Need To Laugh")

* I used to look forward to the magazine you wrote for and now I've got a lot of those stories in this one great book. Thank you!  ~Chuck (Review for "2 Wheels - 2 States - 2  Years: Kruser's Point of View")

* Awesome read.....positively uplifting funny story......written by a very smart man with much to share..... Many people should follow his advice!!!!! ~Tammy Carlson  (Review for "We Really Need To Laugh") 

* I'm halfway done.,.,received mine yesterday.,will prob finish 2mrw.,.,nice job !., :-] ~Rob B. (Review for "We Really Need To Laugh")

 * I am going to order your next book since I liked the last one so much. You write real good. ~ J.R.  (Review for "We Really Need To Laugh") 

 * Can't wait till your next book comes out! ~D.L.  (Review for "2 Wheels - 2 States - 2 Years: Kruser's Point of View")

 * I like how you write. It's almost like you are talking to me. ~Ken W.  (Review for "We Really Need To Laugh") 

 * I looked forward to when I had time to read more of your book. Not only that, but my 19 year old daughter enjoyed it so much she shared it with her friends. She was  amazed that someone could be so open and honest about what took place in their life that they actually shared it to the world. She told me she would be reading and just  burst out laughing and her friends would ask what's so funny and she would hold up the book to show them. I must admit, there were some stories in here that made me  sad, but it was so well written. Thank you! P.S.: I look forward to your next book and I also wanted to let you know, I've already ordered your "Kruser's Point of View". I am looking forward to receiving that to read anytime soon! ~Sheri  (Review for "We Really Need To Laugh") 

I have started reading your book. The writing is amazing. I really admire your stories.
 I said I wanted to buy the book//// but next year you will have to sign it. :)
 I had a chance to watch Whispers. It was different but enjoyable, I actually enjoyed it with my daughter, there was a little mystery, small chuckle of humor, over the  bruises, but over all I understood the journey you were taking us on. You are quite inspiring so I hope you don't give up.
 Thanks again for allowing me to see into your life and share your stories with me. You are a good and talented man! Pursue your dreams, your writing, your stories. I  believe in you. ~ Sheri (Review for "2 Wheels - 2 States - 2 Years: Kruser's Point of View")​

 * I totally enjoyed Alec Gould's book, We Really Need To Laugh. He did a great job of writing stories that were both thought provoking and humorous. I can't wait until his  next book! ~Patti S (Review for "We Really Need To Laugh") ​